BOUSNIC Contact Points and Silicone Points for 650 Collar – Must Have Training Tool for Effective and Humane Dog Training



Is your dog’s behavior becoming unmanageable? Are they constantly misbehaving and ignoring your commands? As a dog owner, you need the right tools to train your furry friend effectively. That’s where the BOUSNIC Contact Points and Silicone Points come in.

The BOUSNIC contact points and silicone caps are specially designed to work with the BOUSNIC 650 remote training collar for dogs. This collar combines vibration, beep tones, and static stimulation to reinforce positive behavior and correct unwanted actions. Using the contact points ensures the static stimulation is delivered safely and humanely to get your dog’s attention.

High Quality Materials for Safe and Effective Use

The BOUSNIC contact points are made from high quality stainless steel with rounded tips for safe contact against your dog’s skin. The silicone caps fit securely over the points and protect your dog from direct metal contact.

The contact spring sheet is crafted from thin, flexible stainless steel that adjusts to your dog’s neck size. It applies just the right amount of pressure so the contact points have good skin contact for effective stimulation delivery.

Designed for All Breeds and Coat Types

No matter what breed or coat type your dog has, these contact points work. For short hair dogs, use the silicone capped points alone. The silicone caps grab the hair to allow the static stimulation to transmit through.

For long or thick fur dogs, use both the contact points and conductive spring sheet. The sheet parts the hair so the points can make direct contact with the skin beneath for proper stimulation conduction.

Even small dogs can benefit from the beep and vibration modes without using the contact points. The collar is highly adjustable for neck sizes from 10 to 22 inches.

Everything You Need for Effective Remote Training

The BOUSNIC 650 remote training collar comes complete with the contacts points, silicone caps, conductive spring sheet, splitter cable, long and short stimulation probes, and adjustable collar strap. It’s the all-in-one solution to train your dog efficiently.

The remote has a range of up to 1300 feet for versatile training. Use the vibration and beep modes for initial teaching. Deliver the static stimulation as a safe but startling correction as needed to discourage unwanted behaviors like excessive barking, jumping, aggression, and running off.

Train Your Dog Positively and Effectively

Using the BOUSNIC training collar and contact points makes it easier to communicate boundaries to your dog. When fitted and used properly, the static stimulation gets their attention so you can redirect them to the behavior you want and reward them.

The stimulation level is adjustable from 0 to 100 so you can find the right setting your individual dog responds to. Always start at the lowest level and increase as needed. The stimulation should get their attention but never cause distress.

With time and consistency, your dog will associate the stimulation with their misbehavior and your verbal commands. Used alongside positive reinforcement of good behaviors, your dog will learn faster and more effectively.

How to Use the Contact Points and Collar Correctly

To get the most out of your BOUSNIC 650 remote training collar, follow these tips when using the contact points:

  • Fit the collar snugly so the contact points press firmly against your dog’s neck. You should be able to fit one finger between the collar strap and their neck.
  • Check the contact points each time you put the collar on your dog. Tighten or loosen them as needed to maintain good skin contact.
  • Inspect the contact points regularly for damage or wear. Replace damaged contact points right away.
  • Use the test light tool to check that the contact points are making a complete circuit with your dog’s skin.
  • Place the contact points where your dog has no fur or thin fur to allow proper skin contact.
  • For long fur dogs, use both the points and spring sheet together to part the fur for better stimulation delivery.
  • Never leave the collar on for more than 8 hours at a time to avoid skin irritation.
  • Remove and check the points after use to be sure they are not irritating your dog’s skin.

Train Your Dog Safely, Effectively, and Humanely

The BOUSNIC 650 remote collar with contact points lets you reinforce commands, correct unwanted behaviors, and set boundaries from a distance. When used properly alongside positive reinforcement, the stimulation aids faster, more effective training.

The humane static stimulation gets your dog’s attention so you can redirect them to good behavior and reward them. With time, your dog will learn to listen and obey your commands without needing the stimulation.

Train your furry friend safely and humanely with the BOUSNIC Contact Points and Silicone Caps. You’ll see improved behavior and a better trained, more obedient dog.


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