Boot Tray for Heavy Duty Floor Protection – Multi-Purpose for Muddy Shoes, Pets, and More



Keep your floors pristine while protecting your entryway from the mess of daily life with the Boot Tray for Heavy Duty Floor Protection. This versatile tray catches everything from mud to pet food while blending seamlessly into your home decor.

Measuring 16.8” x 12.8”, this boot tray provides ample space for muddy boots, gardening shoes, pet bowls, and more. The 1.25” high walls contain messes so you can simply wipe clean or rinse off. Durable plastic construction stands up to heavy use.

With a sleek black color and decorative petal design, this boot tray complements any style whether using it indoors or outdoors. The clever shape makes cleaning a breeze by funneling water and debris to the center drain hole.

The Ultimate Mudroom & Entryway Protector

The Boot Tray for Heavy Duty Floor Protection is a mudroom essential for wrangling shoe messes. The generous surface area accommodates pairs of muddy boots after gardening or hiking. Contain the grime to just this easy-clean tray.

Snowy and rainy days are no match for the trapped-in-walls and stain-resistant plastic. Melt away ice and snow to reveal a pristine tray surface. Never scrub seasonal salt stains again!

Use it in the entryway to corral everyday shoe messes. The walls prevent loose dirt, grass, and outdoor debris from being tracked inside. Keep your beautiful floors immaculate with this heavy duty protection.

Multipurpose for Pet Owners

The Boot Tray for Heavy Duty Floor Protection pulls double duty for pet owners. Place food and water bowls directly on the tray to catch drips, splashes, and spills. Protect your floors from messy eaters and drinkers.

Litter boxes fit neatly inside the tray to contain scattered litter. Take the mess outside to empty and rinse off, keeping your indoor air fresh. The durable design also stands up to pet accidents inside.

Use it under pet crates to protect against leaks and loose hair. Easily wash away “accidents” inside their crate by simply wiping this surface clean. Tidy cat owners love this multipurpose tray.

Clever Design for Easy Cleaning

The unique petal pattern of the Boot Tray for Heavy Duty Floor Protection makes rinsing away debris a breeze. Simply direct water or a hose at the center as the curved walls funnel everything down the drain hole.

The 1.25” tall walls provide ample containment of mud, dirt, food, and more. Mop up messes using just a damp paper towel for quick cleanup between deep scrubs. Just rinse and wipe to restore the sleek appearance.

Made from durable plastic that won’t warp, stain, or degrade over time with heavy use. Designed to handle the toughest mudroom messes while looking sleek in your home. The ultimate multipurpose floor protector.


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