BoomBone Autumn Flower Cat Collar with Bell – Adjustable Breakaway Cat Collar for Small Dogs and Cats



Celebrate the Beauty of Autumn with this Charming Flower Cat Collar

Autumn is a magical time of year when nature’s palette transforms into warm, rich hues. Capture the essence of the fall season with the BoomBone Autumn Flower Cat Collar. This charming collar features a bright orange fabric flower embellishment accented with a delicate bronze bell that provides a delightful jingle with every step your cat takes.

Crafted from Quality Materials for Optimal Comfort

The BoomBone Autumn Flower Cat Collar is thoughtfully constructed using high-quality nylon webbing and soft padding to ensure your cat’s comfort. The adjustable breakaway buckle offers a customized fit, while the nickel-plated D-ring provides durability for attaching your cat’s ID tags.

Designed for Safety and Security

A breakaway collar is an essential accessory for any cat’s safety. The BoomBone Autumn Flower Cat Collar is designed with a breakaway buckle that will release if pulled horizontally to prevent choking hazards. Give your cat stylish seasonal flair and protection in one fashionable accessory.

Perfect for Small Dogs and Cats

This festive floral collar is sized to fit small dog breeds like Chihuahuas and cats with neck sizes ranging from 7 to 11 inches. The brilliant orange flower against autumnal colored cat fur will make your furry friend the talk of the neighborhood this fall.

Let the Bell Jingle with Every Step

The delicate bronze bell provides the perfect autumnal accent to this cat collar, with a charming jingle announcing your cat’s presence. Many cat owners love hearing this tinkling sound as their cat explores the surroundings.

Create Holiday Magic with This Collar

The BoomBone Autumn Flower Cat Collar makes a wonderful gift for cats and small dogs. Surprise your furry friend with this autumn accessory for Halloween, Thanksgiving, or anytime you want to celebrate the magic of the fall season. The bright colors and floral embellishment add a touch of harvest charm.

Highlight Your Pet’s Unique Personality

Your pet’s collar is an extension of their personality. Customize their look for autumn with this trendy floral cat collar. The beautiful colors and natural fabric flower embellishment will accentuate your cat or small dog’s unique charm.

gift your loved ones this beautiful collar on Thanksgiving to celebrate togetherness and gratitude.

Thanksgiving brings loved ones together to reflect on life’s blessings. Celebrate the bonds of family and friendship by gifting the special cat lovers in your life this BoomBone Autumn Flower Cat Collar. The warm autumn hues and delicate floral accent embody the spirit of the harvest season.

Surprise your friends or family members who adore their cats with this thoughtful autumn-themed accessory. Customize their cat’s collar with their name and really make it personal. Watch their face light up with delight as they drape this fashionable collar around their beloved furry companion.

Let the sound of jingling bells remind them of cozy gatherings, shared laughter, and the memories made on special holidays. The BoomBone Autumn Flower Cat Collar will become a new Thanksgiving tradition as you gather together year after year.

Perfect for Photogenic Fall Photo Shoots

Capture portraits of your stylish cat or small dog this autumn and create a festive photo album. The BoomBone Autumn Flower Cat Collar provides the perfect accent piece for fall photo backdrops full of falling leaves, pumpkins, hay bales, and more.

Photograph your cat or dog outdoors as the autumn foliage transforms behind them. The rich orange and bronze hues of this seasonal collar will pop against their fur and coordinate beautifully with the autumn landscape.

Each year you can add to your annual fall photoshoot tradition. Watch as your pet grows and change out their BoomBone Autumn Flower Cat Collar for different seasonal themes.

Designed for Comfort and Safety

  • Soft nylon webbing provides comfort for all-day wear
  • Padded inner lining prevents irritation
  • Adjustable breakaway buckle for the perfect customized fit
  • Nickel-plated D-ring for attaching ID tags
  • Breakaway safety feature releases under force to prevent choking accidents

Give your beloved cat or small dog stylish flair this fall with the beautifully crafted BoomBone Autumn Flower Cat Collar. The high-quality materials, floral embellishment, and bronze bell create a seasonal look you both will adore.

Celebrate autumn memories with this fashionable and functional cat accessory. Order the BoomBone Autumn Flower Cat Collar today!


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