Bone Dry Pet Grooming Towel Collection – Ultra-Absorbent Microfiber Drying Set for Dogs & Cats



Give your freshly washed pet the royal treatment with the Bone Dry Pet Grooming Towel Collection. This set of 3 ultra-plush microfiber towels makes bath time a breeze and pampers your pet in soft luxury.

Each pet drying towel measures a spacious 30 inches long by 15 inches wide to fully envelop your wet dog or cat. The ultra-absorbent microfiber material swiftly soaks up moisture to cut down on drying time after baths.

Available in a soothing lavender color, this towel set adds a calming touch for anxious pets that dislike baths. Your dog or cat will look forward to clean-up time wrapped in the comforting embrace of these cozy towels.

The Softest, Most Absorbent Drying Towels

Bone Dry’s Pet Grooming Towels are crafted from ultra-plush microfiber that’s extra gentle on your pet’s sensitive skin. The soft terry material protects against irritation from rubbing and scratches during the drying process.

Microfiber’s unique construction traps moisture within the towels for unbeatable absorbency. Watch as they swiftly soak up dripping wet fur with just a few gentle pats. Your pet will dry faster and frustration-free.

The durable fabric also stands up to repeated use and machine washing. These absorbent towels maintain their luxurious softness bath after bath. Your pet only deserves the very best against their skin.

The Easiest Bathing Experience for You & Your Pet

No more fighting with saturated towels that can’t contain your pet’s damp fur. The Bone Dry Pet Grooming Towels make bath time easier than ever before.

The large size wraps your wet dog or cat in comforting security. Gently pat their coat to soak up moisture and finishing drying them off with soothing pets and rubs. Your pet will stand calmly as you work.

The microfiber releases pet hair easily into the wash. No more picking fur off the towels by hand. Just toss them in the machine to come out fresh. simplified laundering makes grooming day a breeze.

Pamper Your Pet with Plush Softness

Treat your beloved companion to luxurious comfort before and after bathing. Gently envelope them in one of the Bone Dry Pet Towels to relax and reassure them as you prepare for their wash.

The soft microfiber calms and comforts anxious pets. They’ll look forward to grooming time wrapped in the warmth of these premium towels. The pleasant lavender color provides a soothing touch.

After baths, continue nurturing your pet as you lovingly dry their coat. The gentle fabric protects their skin while the absorbency makes the process quick and easy for both of you.

Show your furry best friend some extra love with the pampering comfort of the Bone Dry Pet Grooming Towel Collection.


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