BiPawTi Dog Raincoat, Waterproof Hooded Slicker Poncho, Dog Reflective Safety Dog Rain Jacket, Windproof Snow-Proof Dog Rain Coat, Dog Raincoats for Small, Medium, Large Dogs



Keep your dog dry on rainy adventures with BiPawTi’s waterproof dog raincoat. This reflective hooded poncho protects your pup from wet weather while providing safety features for low light conditions.

Crafted from Durable Waterproof Polyester

Made from 100% polyester coated with a waterproof finish, this rain jacket keeps wet weather out while body heat stays in. Raindrops, snow, and mud slide right off the slick fabric.

Your dog stays comfortable and dry for walks in drizzling rain, heavy downpours, or blustery snow. No more soaked fur after potty breaks!

Reflective Strips for Safety

Be seen during gloomy weather with reflective strips on the neck, sides, and back. The reflective material shines brightly when headlights hit it, keeping your dog visible on cloudy days or at night.

The extra visibility provides peace of mind and prevents accidents when walking your pup in low light. Drivers can spot your dog from a safe distance.

Protective Hood Design

A built-in hood provides coverage over your dog’s head and neck area when needed. Flip it up during heavy rain or snow to keep their fur dry around sensitive faces and ears.

Your pup stays comfortable with their whole body protected from the elements. The hood can be folded down on mild days.

Adjustable Belly Strap

Get the perfect customized fit with a handy adjustable belly strap. Cinch the strap tighter or loosen for more wiggle room as needed for your dog’s unique shape.

The velcro closures make it easy to get the ideal snug yet comfy fit. Your growing puppy is covered too since the coat can be let out.

Convenient Leash Access

A slit on the back allows easy access to attach your dog’s leash without removing the raincoat. No more fussing with the coat during your walk when it’s time to leash up.

The coat also covers your dog’s back area for full protection while still providing leash access. Take your pup out in any weather while staying dry!

Available in Multiple Sizes

With sizes from XS to XL, you can find the perfect raincoat fit for your dog’s measurements. Choose based on their neck girth, chest girth, and back length.

Small, medium, or large dogs can stay dry thanks to the wide size range. Refer to the chart to get the ideal coverage.

Quick On and Off Design

Save time and hassle with a raincoat that slips on and off in seconds. Just fasten the velcro closures on the neck and chest for instant protection from the wet elements.

No need to fumble with complex closures that frustrate you and your eager dog. The swift fastening gets your walk started without delay.

Packs Away Easily

When skies clear up, simply wipe off excess water then fold up the raincoat neatly. The lightweight polyester fabric quickly packs into any bag or carry case.

Stash it in your car, stroller, or purse to have handy. It takes up little space yet deploys quickly when raindrops fall.

Durable Water-Resistant Fabric

This raincoat is designed to repel water, mud, and snow season after season. The polyester fabric has a special coating that maintains its waterproof properties over time.

Even after regular use, the slick surface prevents absorption while retaining flexibility. Your dog stays dry year after year.

Keep Your Dog Dry On Walks

Don’t cut your adventures short due to bad weather! BiPawTi’s waterproof dog raincoat allows pups to play and explore in the rain, snow, and wind comfortably.

The safety reflective strips, protective hood, and adjustable straps provide the perfect customizable fit for every dog.


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