BINGPET Dog Birthday Bandana Girl Scarf and Reusable Dog Birthday Hat with 0-8 Figures



Make your furry girl’s birthday extra special with this glamorous bandana scarf and reusable birthday hat set. The glittery pink accessories let her celebrate in style year after year.

Pretty Embellished Bandana

This lightweight polyester bandana adds a pop of feminine flair. The phrase “Birthday Girl” is neatly embroidered in metallic pink thread that won’t unravel or fade.

Drape the 24.8 inch scarf around your pup’s neck and tie a perfect bow. Leave two finger’s length of fabric for a comfortable fit.

The embroidered design ensures the words stay crisp and legible. Photos will show off your dog’s status as birthday girl in glittery style.

Reusable Birthday Hat

Top off her outfit with the matching glittery hat for a picture-perfect birthday look. The adjustable strap ensures a secure fit around her head.

A cute cluster of feathers along the brim adds a playful touch. The magic happens on top, with a sparkly number showcasing her age.

The hat comes with removable number appliques from 0 to 8. Simply swap out the figure each year for a reusable party look. Your pup can show off how old she is in blingy style.

Coordinates Beautifully

Both accessories feature similar color palettes of pink, white, and gold. Your precious princess will look polished from head to paw in these complementary designs.

The glittery numbers and feathers flawlessly match the metallic “Birthday Girl” font on the scarf. She’ll dazzle in this outfit custom-made for her special day.

Photo-Ready Style

Now your furbaby can truly be the star of her birthday photoshoot. The vibrant pink and shimmery gold look beautiful in photos.

Capture her princess charm as she poses gracefully in her glitzy accessories. Her head-to-paw birthday ensemble steals the show in any picture.

High-Quality Materials

Only the best for your birthday girl! Both accessories are thoughtfully constructed from soft yet durable polyester.

The fabric is lightweight enough for comfortable all-day wear. A flexible fit ensures your pup stays cozy as she socializes with guests.

Premium stitching and appliques make these accessories built to last. They’ll maintain their flawless look even after countless birthday parties.

Perfect for All Breeds

Big or small, fluffy or short-haired, this birthday set suits all breeds. The bandana fits necks up to 24 inches around.

The adjustable hat fastens securely on small, medium, or large heads. Now every furry gal can celebrate in style!

Easy On and Off

No more wrestling to get party outfits on your eager birthday girl. Simply drape the bandana around her neck and tie.

The hat fastens with a buckle so you can properly adjust it before placing it on her head.

She can comfortably wear her glam gear all day long as she mingles with guests and poses for pictures.

Reusable Year After Year

The best part? This set can be used annually for every birthday celebration. Change the number applique to match your dog’s new age.

The glittery designs, prismatic colors, and decadent fabrics will dazzle every year. Your pup will light up when she sees her birthday best.

Give your precious fur baby the magical birthday experience she deserves. She’ll absolutely adore being dressed up in glamorous style year after year.


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