Big Sister with Heart Paw Gender Reveal/Baby Announcement Dog Bandana (Baby Pink, OS 86)



Get your furry friend in on the baby excitement with this customizable big sister dog bandana! The perfect way to announce the new baby girl joining your family.

Announce Your New Role as Big Sis

Is your mommy having a baby girl? Let your pup help share the wonderful news in style. This lightweight pink dog bandana is specially designed for a creative gender reveal.

The heart paw print and “Big Sister” text in a whimsical font proclaim your new status as the best big sis ever. Surprise your loved ones with an adorable announcement starring your furry friend.

Soft, Comfortable Fabric

Made from high quality polyester, this bandana feels soft and comfy on your dog’s skin. The breathable fabric is gentle around sensitive areas like the neck and ears.

The adjustable straps ensure a customized fit. Tighten or loosen to suit the size and shape of your pup. Both large and small dogs can wear this accessory in comfort.

Adds a Pop of Color

The bright pink fabric makes a bold statement on your pup. The colorful bandana pops against fur of any color, perfect for photos.

Use it to turn your dog into the star of your gender reveal photoshoot. The vibrant hue looks great with any outfit too.

Secures Easily On Your Dog

Designed for convenience, this bandana takes seconds to put on your restless pup. Drape the fabric over your dog’s neck then tie the straps for an instant style update.

To keep the bandana in place, fold and neatly roll the triangle sides. Tighten the straps as needed for a secure, customized fit.

If your dog won’t stay still, try luring them with a treat to distract them while you slip on the bandana. A dab of peanut butter on their nose works perfectly!

Fits Both Big and Small Dogs

With two size options, you can pick the right fit for your pup’s measurements. For larger dogs, choose the standard one size which fits neck circumferences up to 23 inches.

For tiny pups and teacup breeds, select the X-small size designed for necks up to 12 inches around. The snug fit keeps it from slipping off vertically challenged dogs.

Rest assured your dog can comfortably wear this accessory regardless of breed or size. Both big and small pups can rock the big sis style.

Personalized with Your Dog’s Name

Make the baby announcement uniquely yours by customizing the bandana with your dog’s name. Simply contact the seller with your pup’s name when you place your order.

For multi-pet families, order a bandana for each furry kid. Include all their names for the perfect matching set of gender reveal accessories.

Durable, Washable Fabric

Thoughtfully made in the USA from premium polyester, this bandana is built to last. The soft fabric is durable enough for daily use.

Even after countless wears and washes, the vibrant pink color and print stay crisp and vivid. Both the fabric and ink are specially treated to resist fading over time.

When it gets dirty, just toss this accessory in the wash. It comes out looking good as new so your dog can wear it again and again.

Versatile Accessory

This bandana transitions seamlessly from gender reveal to everyday style accessory. The custom design adds personality for walks, playdates, photos and more.

Use it beyond the new baby announcement so your pup can get the most use out of this comfortable, adjustable bandana.

Creative Gender Reveal for Your Pooch

Make your furry friend the star of your baby girl announcement with this colorful big sister dog bandana. The custom design looks adorable on pups of all shapes and sizes.

This breathable, soft bandana fits comfortably on your dog. Simply drape the fabric, tie the straps, then tighten for a personalized fit.

Surprise and delight your loved ones with a unique gender reveal featuring your dog decked out in her new sister style.


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