Amazing Dog Treats 6″ Regular Bully Sticks (10 Count)



Give your dog a mouthwatering, protein-packed treat with these 6” regular bully sticks from Amazing Dog Treats. Made from free-range, grass-fed cattle, these single-ingredient bully sticks are a tasty and healthy chew option.

High in Protein, Low in Fat

Bully sticks are an excellent source of protein for dogs while being low in fat and calories. The protein helps support lean muscle development while the low fat content aids digestion. A healthy and nutritious treat!

Only One Ingredient – 100% Beef

Our premium bully sticks contain just one single ingredient – beef. No artificial flavors, preservatives, chemicals, additives, or other questionable ingredients. Only minimally processed beef tendon sourced from free-range, grass-fed cattle right here in the USA.

Naturally Promotes Dental Health

As your dog chews on these single-ingredient beef bully sticks, the abrasive action helps remove tartar and plaque. The natural chewing motion freshens breath, stimulates gums, and keeps teeth clean. A tasty edible toothbrush!

Easier to Digest than Rawhide

Made from pure beef tendon, these bully sticks are highly digestible and gentler on sensitive stomachs than chemically-treated rawhides. Dogs can enjoy bully sticks without gastrointestinal upset.

Regular 6” Size for Average Chewers

At 6 inches long, these bully sticks are ideal for medium sized dog breeds that are average chewers. Perfect for beagles, border collies, corgis, cocker spaniels, and similar-sized pups.

Keeps Dogs Busy and Satisfied

The irresistible beefy flavor and hearty texture keeps your dog contentedly occupied for hours. Bully sticks satisfy a canine’s innate urge to gnaw and provide positive mental stimulation.

Minimally Processed, No Harsh Chemicals

Our premium bully sticks undergo a gentle drying process using low temperatures. Absolutely no harsh chemicals, additives, or other questionable ingredients ever. Only the healthiest single-ingredient bully sticks for your pup!

Sourced from Grass-Fed, Free-Range Cattle

We source our high-quality beef bully sticks from free-range cattle that are well cared for and humanely raised on small US farms. The cattle eat only grass and grains their entire lives.

Monitor Your Dog During Treats

While these are a safer alternative to rawhide, monitor your dog during chewing and take away bully sticks once they’re small enough to pose a choking risk. Discard if any pieces break off.

A Protein-Packed Treat Your Dog Will Adore

Bring home the beefy goodness today! Your pup will fall in love with these irresistible 6-inch bully sticks made from premium grass-fed beef. A tasty treat you both can feel good about.


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