All Natural Itchy Skin Relief Shampoo for Dogs & Cats – Soothe Dermatitis & Atopic Skin with Vet Recommended Ingredients



Is your furry friend constantly scratching and biting their skin? Do they suffer from chronic dermatitis or atopic skin conditions that leave their coat dry, irritated, and smelly? Providing relief for your beloved pet starts with this veterinarian-formulated shampoo.

Specifically designed for allergy-prone dogs and cats, Dermoscent ATOP 7 Shampoo hydrates skin with naturally soothing ingredients. This soap-free formula is enriched with essential fatty acids, omegas 3 and 6 to reinforce the skin barrier function. Your pet will love the soft touch of hydrated fur and you’ll love seeing their skin irritation improve.

What makes this pet shampoo stand out? It’s clinically proven to be effective by renowned veterinary dermatologists and contains a proprietary blend of 7 natural extracts like aloe vera and chamomile. These ingredients work together to moisturize skin, reduce inflammation, relieve itchiness and heal abrasions. Your dog or cat will go from constant scratching to feeling calmed and comfortable.

This shampoo also helps control that stinky pet odor thanks to its built-in natural deodorizer. Essential oils give your pet a light, clean fragrance and reinforce the skin barrier. Bathe your pup or kitty to refresh their coat and keep them smelling their best. No more embarrassment from smelly pets!

You can feel good knowing this grooming product is free of steroids, soap and harsh chemicals. It’s designed to be gentle enough for frequent use on dry, irritated skin and can be used alongside other treatments. Soothe and protect your pet’s sensitive skin while leaving their coat soft, shiny and hydrated.

Give your faithful companion the relief they need from constant itching and discomfort. This natural shampoo supports healthy skin for a visibly improved coat. Your vet recommends it and your pet will thank you!


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