A Safe and Comfortable Muzzle for Short Snout Breeds



Introducing the Bpawser Short Snout Dog Muzzle – the innovatively designed, adjustable muzzle that provides comprehensive protection and comfort for your short snout dog. This breathable, soft mesh muzzle is specially crafted to suit brachycephalic breeds like French Bulldogs, English Bulldogs, Boston Terriers, Pugs and more.

Customised Protection for Your Dog’s Unique Facial Structure

The Bpawser muzzle features an expanded eye hole design that ensures maximum visibility for your dog without covering their eyes. The soft, rolled edges prevent any skin damage or irritation around the sensitive eye area. This allows your dog to see clearly and blink comfortably while wearing the muzzle. The full mesh coverage protects their mouth and nose area while resisting abrasion, puncture and tears. Your dog can pant, drink water and take treats easily through the durable mesh material.

Adjustable Secured Fit for Safety and Comfort
This adjustable muzzle comes with a T-shaped buckle and strap system that allows you to customise the perfect snug fit for your dog’s unique facial structure. The sturdy buckle keeps the muzzle securely in place and prevents your dog from removing it easily. The adjustable strap ensures a gap-free fit around the chin and neck area for optimal safety and comfort. You can loosen or tighten the muzzle easily as needed for growing puppies or fluctuating weight.

Breathable Mesh Material for Optimal Airflow

The soft, breathable mesh material makes this muzzle ideal for brachycephalic breeds who often suffer from respiratory issues. The open-mesh design allows for maximum airflow circulation to prevent overheating. Your dog can pant comfortably on hot days or during exercise. The mesh also prevents moisture build-up and allows any saliva or water to seep through easily keeping your dog’s face dry. This promotes better health and hygiene.

Available in Multiple Sizes for All Dog Breeds
The Bpawser muzzle comes in 4 sizes – S, M, L and XL to comfortably fit everything from tiny Pugs to giant English Bulldog heads. Measure your dog’s snout circumference and choose the muzzle size accordingly for a perfect customised fit. The adjustable strap also allows room for minor sizing adjustments. Suitable for most short snout breed puppies and adults.


Innovative expanded eye hole design does not obstruct dog’s vision
Soft edges prevent skin irritation around eyes
Full mesh coverage for comprehensive protection
T-shaped buckle and adjustable strap for secure customised fit
Breathable mesh material allows panting and drinking
Available in S, M, L, XL sizes to fit all short snout breeds
A Multipurpose Muzzle for Training, Safety and Medical Needs
The Bpawser muzzle serves many important purposes for responsible pet parents. Use it humanely and safely for:

Training: Gently discourage barking, biting, chewing, snapping and other unwanted behaviours. The muzzle allows your dog to breathe and drink during training sessions.
Safety: Protect strangers or guests who may be unfamiliar with your dog from sudden biting. Useful in crowded public places. Prevents scavenging and consuming harmful objects.
Recovery: Ensure bite and scratch protection for healing wounds or hot spots post-surgery or injuries. Prevent aggravation of sore regions.
Anxiety: Soothe anxious dogs who snap defensively when scared. The muzzle helps minimise stressful situations.
Car Travel: Prevent motion sickness drooling or car sickness vomiting during travels. Protect your car interiors.
Grooming: Enable safe and stress-free brushing, bathing, trimming or examinations for ultra-sensitive dogs.
Our Promise to Your Dog
Here at Bpawser, your dog’s health, safety and comfort are our top priority with every product we design. We only use non-toxic materials tested for safety. Our muzzles are recommended by veterinarians and dog experts worldwide for their innovative design and high quality. We want to enable responsible pet parents to train and care for their dogs humanely.

We are so confident your dog will love this muzzle that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee! Buy the Bpawser muzzle today with zero risks. We can’t wait for you and your dog to try it!


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